Do you offer the same menu options for McDelivery™ as in the restaurants?

Except for some items that cannot be delivered, most of our menu is available. You can check our McDelivery™ menu by clicking on the "Browse Menu" tab on this page.

Is there a difference in between in-Store product prices and prices at McDelivery™?

Yes, we follow differential pricing structure in McDelivery™, and certain other special location restaurants.

Before placing an online order, what should I ensure to do?

While every effort is made to ensure this online booking service works properly and provided that the information fed by the customer is complete in all respects, however, receipt of the final information provided by the customer, subject to the modifications, if any, shall be treated as confirmation of the order and not the final Invoice which shall be handed over to the customer at the time of delivery of the items of the merchandise and its quantity mentioned in the Order.
While Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited endeavours to ensure the booking of orders and service calls via this website will always work as designed, we cannot be held responsible for loss of service, or failure of bookings due to changes beyond our control, such as:
a. Browser incompatibilities to the latest website design tools and languages.
b. Changes to the infrastructure of the company hosting the website.
c. Changes to servers of the company hosting the website.
d. Other changes beyond our control.

What are the components or what forms part of the Final Invoice?

The Final Invoice shall include (i) Itemized statement of the product(s) and their quantity (ii) net price of the particular product(s); and (iii) break up of all applicable taxes, cess, charges, etc. levied by the statutory authority(ies) on specific product(s). The total invoiced amount shall be rounded off to the nearest rupee.

How much is the minimum order requirement for McDelivery™?

There is no minimum order requirement. However, there is a packaging charge of ₹26 plus taxes on every order placed through McDelivery™ website or though the Call center.

Is McDelivery™ available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week?

No, It is not available 24 hours, but it is available 7 days a week. Please note that McDelivery™ in your area is mapped with the restaurant operating hours which may vary from location to location.

How much time does it take for McDelivery™ to arrive after ordering?

Please be assured that we aim to deliver our service as fast as we can to meet your needs. However, the actual delivery time may be impacted by the operating conditions.

Where all McDelivery™ services are available?

Currently, in our geographic spread of North & East of India, the McDelivery™ services are available selected areas in Delhi NCR only; and in select areas in the city of Kolkata.

Do you accept Accor/Sodexo coupons in McDelivery™?

Yes, Accor/Sodexo Meal Vouchers are only accepted in McDelivery™. (Gift Passes are not accepted)

Do you accept McDonald's 'Be Our Guest (BOG)' coupons in McDelivery™?

No we do not accept 'Be Our Guest' cards in McDelivery™.

Do you offer discount cards?

We do not provide discount cards but McDonald's offers great value-for-money deals for the satisfaction of our customers.

How can I use a promotional coupon?

Not every promotion is available through McDelivery™. However, we do run promotions in Delivery about which the information would be available on McDelivery™ website or through the McDelivery™ Call center.

Can I make changes after I've made my order or can I cancel my order?

No, once the order is confirmed on McDelivery™ website, it cannot be cancelled. But you can call the McDelivery™ Call center at 66000666; we will try our best to accommodate your request, however, once the order has been dispatched from the restaurant, it cannot be modified or cancelled under any circumstance.

Is there a limitation to McDelivery™ orders?

Orders exceeding ₹2000 are considered bulk orders; and cannot be placed through McDelivery™ website. Such orders can only be placed by calling the McDelivery™ Call Center at 66000666. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we would appreciate if large orders could be made in advance.

What is Order in Advance?

You can place your orders up to 3 days in advance.

What payment options are available through Web Ordering?

At this point in time, we're only able to accept cash upon delivery.

How do I reset my password if I have lost or forgotten it?

If you forget your password, that's OK! Just click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the Sign In page and follow the instructions. An email containing further instructions will then be sent to your registered email. Please check your 'Spam' folder or 'Junk email' folder to make sure that our email has not been filtered out.

How will I know when the restaurant received my Internet Order?

Click on 'Track my order' from the top menu and enter your order number (you can find your order number in the confirmation email sent to you after your order was confirmed). And if you're still unsure about your order, you can always call McDelivery™ at 66000666 to check on your order.

Where can I change my account info?

Once you've signed in to the site with your username and password, select "My Account" from the top menu. You can change your account information there.

If different members of my family order from McDelivery™ website, can we all use the same account?

Yes, you may share the same account. However, for convenience and security, it is recommended that each member register a new account. Remember, it's free!

McDonald's does deliver to my area but my address is not found in the search results. What should I do?

Please call McDelivery™ 66000666 to place your order through our call center.

What do I do if my order arrives with missing items?

In a rare situation of such nature, please call McDelivery™ 66000666 and inform our customer service personnel. We will then arrange for the items to be delivered to you.

Introduction of Service Tax - 1st April

A 2013 Union Budget announcement has led to an introduction of Service Tax on restaurants with Air Conditioning facility as part of the establishment, at any time during the year. The statutory is effective from 1st April 2013. Complying with this statutory notification, McDonald's would now charge Service Tax at the rate of 4.944% on our products. This is in addition to already applicable VAT.

Still need help?
Please contact our McDelivery Call Centre at 6600 0666.

How does McDelivery™ Work?